Solution advantage


is unattended, parking at the wrong time, reducing costs and increasing income.

focuses on the community's pedestrian, car dealership, visitors, property management and community operation services, and relies on the overall solution of the front-end application of the intelligent hardware management platform to realize the unattended operation of the car dealership and the pedestrian, reduce the cost of property management, and increase the property income through parking at the wrong time, advertising for rent and community mall operation.

People's Bank

car dealership

Community Operation Service

property management

can only rely on hardware


Program composition

Scheme Composition

community car dealership

• Unattended

Visual intercom

No Sense Payment

• Parking Induction

• Monthly card renewal

• Online payment

electronic invoice

visitor reservation

• Invitation management

• Reservation management

Information Distribution

• Off-Line Visit Passenger Aircraft

ID card identification

• Certificate printing

• Face authorization

Unit Access Control

• Bulk distribution of owner and household permissions

Restrictions on Entry and Exit of Foreign Personnel

• Community Access Control Permission Management

-Enhanced Security

Classic Case

classic case

Related Products

related products

Community People's Bank

• Face

• Credit card

• Two-dimensional code opens the door

remote door opening

• Bluetooth opens the door

property management

• Centralized control

• Data analysis

• Audit plugging

• Property Payment

Complaint for Repair

Intelligent O & M

• Active O & M

• Exception alert

community mall

• Store Management

• Commodity Management

Order Management

• Return Management

• Sales Statistics

advertising operations

light box advertisement for car yard

bar advertisement

• APP promotion

manual cash charging model. On the one hand, the labor cost is high and the work efficiency is low. On the other hand, it is easy to cause loopholes or cash loss in finance.

manual management mode needs to be equipped with booth fee management personnel, with the increasing labor costs, management must invest a lot of labor costs.

Status quo


the payment method is single, which focuses on the entrance and exit payment owners who have to wait in line, which is easy to cause congestion.

project is large, with many crossing points, high wiring cost and unstable local network.

information level is low, which makes it impossible to make effective statistics on the charging management and operation of the parking lot, and the cost of system upgrade and maintenance and daily operation and management is high.