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Product details

Product parameters

Host size 800*200*1800mm (length, width and height)
operating voltage 220V
power consumption ≤ 10W (single layer)
product technology high-quality carbon board, environmental protection powder, anti-ultraviolet baking varnish process; plexiglass panel
Display Digital Height 20CM
Number of supported digits 3-4 digits
Protection level IP65
product life 50000 hours (MTBF)
light source highlight LED with a viewing angle of 120
working temperature and humidity -30~70°C 0~90%RH
storage temperature and humidity -40~85°C 0~95%RH
Security metrics leakage current -- ≤ 440uA insulation resistance -->0.5MΩ
packing size pearl cotton 825*225*1825mm (length, width and height)
machine/package weight About 52.5KG