-year interview | small v charging: elegant demeanor on the left, charm on the right-new park music | smart parking, smart property, smart city new infrastructure leader

half a year has passed in an instant, only hate time is too fast.

recently, we took the middle of the year as the node and interviewed the half year of small v charging. For example: development trends, problems encountered in the development process, what kind of impact it brings to people's lives......

is a systematic summary and reflection to provide scientific basis for future development planning.


development momentum is good

six months, the small V charging "riding the wind" straight up, taking advantage of the momentum of the country's development of new energy, the business scope has developed rapidly, involving less than half of China.

settled in more than 100 communities, benefiting thousands of car owners; the impact is far-reaching, and the major operators are impressed.

, all this is by no means accidental. In addition to the current "times make heroes", it is also inseparable from the "internal self-cultivation" of small V charging ".

| Product distribution heat map


Humanized Products & The Most Complete Plan

comes from a strong inner!

Xinbole small V charging pile fully considers the customer's experience and demands in terms of equipment performance, operation and maintenance cloud platform, or cooperation and profit sharing mode.

quickly became popular in the market with its simple and elegant appearance, clear and smooth operation interface, all-round security and flexible and diverse profit sharing modes.

and follow the trend of the market to constantly push through the old and bring forth the new, and strive to ensure the safe charging of "0.2 billion +" electric car owners with the most humanized products and the most complete scheme.


Unattended & Cloud O & M

development is based on foresight for the future!

with the rapid development of "internet plus", the sharing economy is about to subvert the traditional economy in a new era. Small V charging has fully applied the new concept of AI unattended technology + sharing economy.

system provides real-time operation and maintenance of bole cloud, adopts unattended and maintenance-free intelligent hardware scheme, implements multiple protections of software and hardware, and can operate stably in extreme weather with a safety factor of up to 99.9%!


Start a new mode of advertising operation

innovation does not stop, the future can be expected!

small V charging is more than charging. The development and application of its large high-definition advertising screen completely bid farewell to the single profit model that relied solely on providing charging services and has become the preferred solution for many operators.

small V charging can use its basic charging service to attract users to the equipment, and then rely on the powerful multimedia content playing function of high-definition display screen to help merchants accurately transmit business information such as service items and preferential activities to consumers.

At the same time, through the spread of consumer groups, it can also attract other industries or brands to carry out accurate advertising to increase revenue. It provides a very feasible solution for operators to enter the outdoor advertising market.


Intelligent and efficient, bringing safety and convenience to people

In the process of applying survey feedback under the small V charging line, the user said:

| The equipment is beautiful and easy to operate;

| Don't worry about charging for too long any more. It's really easy to cut off the power automatically when it's full!

| Alipay/WeChat can be charged after a sweep, saving the trouble of downloading APP......


Small V Charging Elegance List

At present, the small V intelligent charging pile under Xinbole has been moved into Guangdong, Fujian, Shanxi, Liaoning, Sichuan and other major cities, and has been adopted by more than 100 professional charging pile operators, and has achieved good application results.

| Some cases are displayed.

| Some cases are displayed.