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the common problems of difficult parking and disorderly parking in Chinese cities, the development of the parking industry has been accelerated and various intelligent toll management systems to assist parking have been born.

In addition to the common intelligent license plate recognition parking system, ultrasonic/video parking space guidance system, reverse car search, non-inductive payment and other system solutions in the market, what do you know about the parking lot charge management handheld terminal is worth recommending?

As far as Xinbole is concerned, in addition to the common roadside handheld toll management system, there is also a parking lot handheld PLPD toll management system. You must know about it!

1.Charge Management System for Roadside Parking Handset(Please click on the link for details!)

2.About Parking Lot Handheld PLPD Toll Management System(please continue reading this article)

Handheld PLPD Toll Management System

Handset Vehicle Management System Gate = Mini Parking Management System, which is by far the smallest parking management system in China.

Because of its maximum simplification of hardware investment, the front-end equipment has only one handheld PDA, no need to re-plan and construct, the construction cost is extremely low, and the function is perfect, which has certain advantages.

At present, manual charging management is mostly used, which is suitable for the construction of benefit-oriented parking lots that require relatively small traffic flow or reduce construction investment, reduce operating costs, and strengthen standardized management of parking lots.

1. Application scenarios

The new PLPD parking charge management system is based on the parking management APP service. It can work in the "charging mode" to upload each transaction to the database of the cloud server in real time, or it can work in the "parking space inspection" mode to scan the license plate number parked on the parking space into the platform with the handset to facilitate the system to automatically charge;

system includes a self-service payment application for the owner of WeChat public number. As long as the owner pays attention to the public number and registers and binds his own vehicle, he can complete the advance payment for independent parking and the automatic deduction after the vehicle leaves.

| Application scenarios

2. System architecture

system mainly uses APP management software running on the handset to carry out real-time data interaction between the mobile 4G network and the cloud platform to realize the function of pre-payment or out-of-place payment for vehicles.

The architecture is simple and easy to operate.: One handset can easily manage the entire parking lot without installing the license plate recognition integrated machine and other entrance and exit equipment, and supports the full network operation mode.

Embedded 5 million Pixel HD Camera and License Plate Recognition Algorithm: The license plate can be read directly through photographic recognition, simplifying the entry operation; If you need to provide the receipt to the owner, you can directly print the parking transaction receipt.

Intelligent billing: Reduce manual intervention in on-site management, make parking lot charge management move towards informatization and mobility, and become the mainstream product of parking charge.

| System architecture

3. Handset features

1)vehicle admission: When the vehicle is parked, click "Enter" to take photos, identify and register the entered vehicle, and complete parking after binding the parking space. The system will calculate the cost based on the length of parking time.

2)vehicle appearance: When the vehicle comes out, click "come out" and the system will calculate the parking time and cost of the vehicle according to the registered license plate. After the payment is successful, the vehicle will be cleared from the registered parking space and the parking space will become vacant.

3)record: You can view the vehicle registration records present and the duty officer's charge records.

4)off work: The shift of the attendant.

| Handset physical image

4. System functions

1) The Polo Cloud Management Center and the handheld terminal conduct wireless exchange of information data through the Internet;

2) The registration, inquiry, statistics and other management of various IC cards;

3) Filing, cancellation, query, statistics, and printing of the black car list;

4) accurately record, query, count and print the financial information of each parking lot, each equipment and each paid employee;

5) Information inquiry and statistical management of the attendance and charging status of the paid employees, such as the behavior of vehicles entering and leaving without swiping cards, the behavior of vehicles entering and leaving without swiping cards, and the fraudulent behaviors detected by the inspected personnel;

6) Real-time statistics on the number of parking spaces and the number of remaining parking spaces.

5. System advantages

1. The platform is powerful.

system can track and count parking status in real time, and can query remote data, monitor parking status of electronic map, set parameters and adjust rates. Provide data interface to provide basic data for a wider range of driving and parking guidance systems.

2. Handheld PDA is easy to operate.

The embedded license plate recognition function can help toll collectors simplify their entry operations. The handset APP software has a friendly, beautiful interface, convenient and easy operation, and older toll collectors can learn it as soon as possible.

3) Low construction cost

Compared with the ground lock or geomagnetic scheme, this scheme simplifies the hardware investment to the greatest extent. The front-end equipment has only one handheld PDA, which has a low failure rate. The structure is simple and the function is perfect. It is the preferred scheme for building an economical parking lot.

6. Programme characteristics

1. Wiring-free system

a single machine has complete functions and can realize the networking effect of synchronous management of multiple imports and exports without local networking and construction.

2) The exit operation is faster.

License plate recognition is 3-5 times faster than manual recording (which can reduce the number of employees) and 1-2 times faster than conventional fixed self-pick-up devices.

3) Stable performance

massive information storage, long standby time of more than 200 hours; Support mobile payment and automatically print parking receipt.

4) Provide a multi-network operation mode.

system supports multi-network operation mode, network failure does not affect handset charge management, effectively ensuring stable operation of parking lot.

5. Simple architecture

The system has a simple architecture, fast construction speed and low construction cost, and can be put into use quickly. You can set different charging standards in the background.