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"Export Self-Service Code Scan and Change System"

shock strikes!


we are well aware that parking difficulties have become the norm at present, do you know why it is difficult to park? Apart from the current surge in car ownership, inadequate supporting facilities and prominent contradiction between supply and demand of parking spaces. Some people in the industry said that the contradiction of parking difficulties mainly focuses on the transparency of parking space data and the experience of parking in and out, which makes vehicles ineffective in circling the road and blocking the entrances and exits, greatly reducing the utilization rate of parking spaces in the parking lot.

| Clogged entrances and exits of parking lots aggravate "parking difficulties" in cities"

the new bole exit self-service payment system to make parking payment more convenient!

in the past, when we went to shopping malls or office buildings to pick up cars, we had to go to the central toll booth to pay first. if there was no central toll office, we often had to pay at the exit booth. When there are too many cars, you need to wait in line, which is easy to cause congestion. It is also common to block for half an hour.

, the emergence of the self-service payment system for the export of Xinbole has effectively filled the gap in the self-service payment market for the export of parking lots.

The system integrates the functions of banknote receiving, mobile payment, scanning code change, bill printing, LCD display, etc., providing one-stop self-service for car owners to pay for parking, and at the same time meeting the diversified payment needs of car owners.

The new bole exit self-service payment terminal is used to be installed at the vehicle exit channel to cooperate with in-venue pre-payment and senseless payment. It is a bold attempt by Xinbole based on "Internet parking service", which can replace manual charging and completely realize unattended operation.

| Export self-service payment system: meet the requirements of the exit and payment at the same time.

// Innovation creates extraordinary, quality makes classic! //

1. The system terminal is directly connected to the cloud platform without wiring.

System terminals are directly connected to the cloud platform for data interaction and storage, supporting various communication methods such as TCP and 4G, eliminating wiring troubles.

can meet the needs of the car owner's appearance and payment at the same time, which greatly reduces the cost of manual management of the car yard, saves the car owner's payment time, and improves the traffic efficiency in the yard.

| Case presentation

2. Unique electronic scanning code change, leading the new trend of parking payment

must be intelligent and convenient! The new bole export self-service payment system is upgraded on the basis of the original technology, abandoning the cumbersome change link and adding an electronic scan code change function.

When the vehicle comes to the entrance of the parking lot, there is no need to stop, and the license plate recognition lever can pass immediately. There is no need to wait for change when leaving the market to pay the fee. The system provides a two-dimensional code for change. After entering the market, you can scan the code to change. The user's experience has been maximized.

3. Large backlit advertising screens increase management revenue.

, as the source manufacturer of intelligent parking system, Xinbole has been adhering to the innovative, efficient and convenient research and development concept, thinking about what customers think and worrying about what customers worry about.

In response to the public demand of parking lot operators to "reduce costs and increase efficiency", in the design of the export self-service payment system, a large backlight advertising screen is tailored for the equipment. Relying on the powerful multimedia content playback function of the equipment's high-definition display screen, it helps operators enter the outdoor advertising market and increase management revenue.

4. Super performance, charm strikes!

Xinbole export self-service payment terminal adopts industrial-grade appearance design, which is different from the bulky and large size of the central self-service payment equipment. The equipment is exquisite, compact and easy to install. And has good appearance effect and integrity.

★The main operation window of the equipment adopts 8-inch LCD touch screen display, which makes the operation more intuitive;

★The cash box manages the anti-counterfeiting and classified storage of the received banknotes, and the system realizes the classification of the amount;

★Each terminal self-service payment equipment has a unique ID identity;

★With safe out-of-box procedures, equipment operation abnormal alarm warning prompt;

★The equipment has real-time two-way voice intercom function;

★The system adopts modular design, strong integration performance and lower maintenance cost;

| Overall Equipment Dimensions

5. Unattended remote operations on the cloud.

in the traditional management mode of manual payment and release of parking lots, on the one hand, the operating cost is high, and on the other hand, the industry is full of chaos such as "running and leaking. For large property companies, the management of several or even dozens of parking lots is even more difficult.

to this, the new bole launched the "bole cloud" parking cloud platform to establish parking big data. The platform combines vehicle detection technologies such as license plate recognition and geomagnetism with electronic payment, mobile Internet, and cloud computing technologies to realize urban parking law enforcement, parking guidance, automatic parking billing, self-service payment by car owners, and automatic parking lot management And other functions.

can centrally manage multiple parking lots through the cloud, and the data of each parking lot can be used in a timely, accurate and effective manner, thus realizing the sharing of resources among multiple parking lots.

| The system provides remote operation and maintenance of digital cloud

In addition, the platform can also remotely monitor the operation status of equipment in the site in real time, and remotely upgrade the control machine online, effectively solving the problem of simultaneous supervision of multiple parking lots under large properties.